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I can say humbly and without ego that I'm not your average person. I became aware of " MY TALENTS" at a very early age...when I began to wonder .....WHAT GOD HAS CALLED ME FOR and WHAT WAS MY PURPOSE IN LIFE 


I'd like to share with you some of my  EXPERIENCEs !

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Become a sponsor of an event upcoming, or simply ask ...." what do you need"...each donor will receive a TAX DSEDUCTION LETTER for all funds donated to R2TR promptly.

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My family and I were driving back from a DISNEY trip from Orlando. There was a terrible and sudden car accident. There was a HAITIAN FAMILY traveling obviously together. A devastating and unexpected crash occurred...and there we were wittnessing this happen before our eyes....without hesitation, I looked at my partner, and pulled our vehicle over.....I immediately got out and got  my FIRST AIDE kit that I carry all the time just in case of an emergency...and began to help them.  

I'm passionate about giving back to the our community, and teaching others to do the same.


For the past 55 years, I've .........have successfully confronted what my calling is. What I am suppose to do. What I am trying to do, able to do and wanting to do. With your help and support and dedication, together we can make R2TR do all it can do to help those in need.  Will you please accept this challenge and make it a great 2015!  Help me make R2TR grow and reach those who need us in our own backyards. Call, Email, visit our WebSites, and most importantly PARICIPATE in our upcoming activities.  The result of this Labor will be forever changing and rewarding to each of us in our own lives.     

Sincerely, Thank you;  Alan Mentser,

CEO and FOUNDER of Racing 2 The Rescue.

 Pack-A-Meal Palm Beach County Day 2015

Were a major sponsor with Palm Beach County Rotary Club to assist the Palm Beach County Food Bank.  

The event was on March 28, 2015 starting at 8:30 am at Gaines Park, 1501 Australian Ave. West Palm Beach, Florida. we met our goal is to prepare 100,000 meals to help the hungry right here in Palm Beach County.  

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I'm proud to support and encourage our YOUTH and COMMUNITY .


I love to help those in need.  It has always been my drive and passion to "give back" to others.   When we  "SEE" what is going on around us, and we make the CHOICE to do something about it....... WE TRULY ARE DOING WHAT GOD has designed us to do.  The whole idea of CHOICE and making the right CHOICES are paramount to making  CHANGE in our world and setting examples for our YOUTH to follow in our helpful footsteps for the future. 

 Flavors and Fashions at the Palm Beach Outlets

We produced a great  "Tasting" and "Fashion Show" in  the Palm Beach Outlets at 1751 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, in West Palm Beach.  The event was on April 9, from 6-9pm. There was a fashion show, tasting of food from a few dozen local restaurants.  There was live music keep the night moving.   Tickets were sold at the regular price of $40 per ticket.   If you weren't able to come and enjoy then you missed out.  If you want help make the event an even bigger success, please donate below at our PayPal donate link.  Thank you.

Through the EYES of a CHILD....